Genesis mining takes trolling Warren Buffett to a new level

Do you remember Warren Buffett saying that “Bitcoin is a rat poison squared” or “It’s more gamble than investment”? Well, that has been gone too far. Just after the statement of this American Investor, and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, People has taken it too seriously that they started trolling Buffet in a numerous way. Bitcoin companies also have their hands in trolling Buffett. One of them is a famous Cloud Mining company named Genesis Mining which took the opportunity for publicity to troll Buffet by putting up a Billboard just outside Buffet’s office.

While Buffett keeps trashing about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, people always tried to find new ways to troll him with Memes, Videos and even with his pictures. But the trolling of Warren Buffet takes a new high when the worlds famous Cloud Mining company called Genesis Mining put up a billboard outside his office targetting the Buffet’s statement about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency.

Warren Buffet is also known as an Investment advisor, but this statement made many Blockchain entrepreneurs think twice about Buffet.

When Marco Krohn, co-founder of this Iceland based company came to know about the Buffet’s statement, they probably thought it as an opportunity for their company’s promotion.

The co-founder posted this image of that billboard on twitter captaining “Some new billboards outside of Warren Buffetts office! :)”.


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